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Website:NiGHTS' Paixao Logs

fly with me.
Name: NiGHTS
Series: NiGHTS into Dreams and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Version: NiGHTS is set (SPOILERS) when s/he disappears after the battle with Wizeman when Will and Helen go to Bellbridge.
Age: Unknown
Gender: NiGHTS, being neutral, has no true gender, but can be referred to as either male or female depending on who s/he's speaking to and how they see him/her.
Sexuality: Asexual
Appearance: NiGHTS takes on the appearance of an androgynous jester. Her/his body structure is suited for flight: large feet for landing with long arms and legs for performing the acrobatics s/he prefers. S/he has large, expressive bluish-purple eyes, and his/her mouth almost always has a smile on it. S/he wears an ornate, mostly purple jester's outfit and white gloves. In the middle of his/her chest is a bright red jewel that has a faint glow to it, and this is always with NiGHTS, no matter what form s/he takes (the jewel is actually an Ideya shard that broke off and latched onto NiGHTS’ chest).

Personality: NiGHTS is free-spirited and cheerful. S/he is curious, loving anything unusual, and playful - sometimes to the point of pranking others. S/he is neither good nor evil, but seems to help the side of good more often than not, being that s/he dislikes pure evil, finding it boring. In spite of this, NiGHTS sometimes enjoys scaring or making fun of others.

S/he also does not have a strong sense of right and wrong, preferring to do whatever s/he feels like; this can be anything from playing the flute to watching whatever is going on to ignoring what is happening – it all depends on the mood s/he is in. Despite this, NiGHTS is extremely loyal to those s/he considers friends, and will do his/her best to protect them.

As a Nightmaren, NiGHTS has seen incredible horror in the realm of Nightmare (and has even contributed to it in the past); this has given NiGHTS a severe dislike for other maren or anything resembling them. S/he especially despises his/her creator, Wizeman, and will act against them no matter what else s/he has been doing, dropping everything else. S/he can be reckless where this is concerned, even throwing his/her own life in danger.

Abilities/Weaponry: NiGHTS can also shape-shift, taking to new environments with ease (transforming into several objects, such as a sled or ball - as well as the ability to simply change with his/her environment, taking a mer-form, for example) and, due to the aid of his/her Persona masks, can take the form of a dolphin, a rocket ship, or a dragon at will. However, s/he is not merely limited to these forms, and the shape-shifting possibilities are nearly endless.

NiGHTS is an amazingly skilled flyer, said to be rivaled only by Reala. S/he can perform complicated acrobatic tricks in the air and by looping in a circle can gather nearby objects and even people to him/her; this can also cause injury, depending on how NiGHTS concentrates. While in the air or under water using the Dolphin persona mask, NiGHTS is extremely quick, capable of catching up to roller-coasters and the like with ease, and can even speed up by spinning while flying (an ability called Drill Dash). Something NiGHTS can do while flying is an ability called Paraloop, which can either injure someone or take them to another part of the Night Dimension (in Paixao, this would take the victim of the attack to another, most likely random, part of the city).

NiGHTS also has the ability to sense the five Ideyas (the red Ideya of Courage, the white Ideya of Purity/Integrity, the green Ideya of Growth/Wisdom, the blue Ideya of Intelligence, and the yellow Ideya of Hope). The stronger the Ideya (or Ideyas) in question resonate within the beings, the easier it is for NiGHTS to track them, although s/he can be misled by the presence of the Ideyas of others.

As not all beings have Ideya (Heartless, Nobodies and the denizens of the Night Dimension, for instance), this ability naturally doesn't work on everyone.

Another ability of NiGHTS is the ability to Dualize with another person, allowing his/her partner to possess NiGHTS and fly freely through the skies for the span of a few minutes. During this time, NiGHTS is fully aware of his/her surroundings, and can speak as well as letting his/her partner speak through him/her.

Weaknesses: NiGHTS can be gullible and easily captured. S/he fears others, especially those s/he considers friends, learning that s/he is a Nightmaren rather than a dream spirit, and will freeze when confronted with this knowledge, becoming guilty. S/he also has a tendency to be overconfident and reckless, putting her/himself in dangerous situations that could have otherwise been avoided. Although s/he considers Reala a rival, NiGHTS can be reluctant to fight him should the other show up - something that has, in the past, been detrimental.

NiGHTS, although fast, is not very strong physically, easily overpowered by stronger opponents if they catch him/her. S/he can also only use the drill dash for a short while, after which she has to regain the energy required to do it (by passing through rings in Nightopia or by resting). She is also affected by the people she Dualizes with; if they jerk around or something similar, NiGHTS has no choice but to follow their movements.

History (MASSIVE SPOILERS): NiGHTS was created by Wizeman, said to be the creator of the realm of Nightmare, along with several other Nightmaren. Although the other maren - especially NiGHTS' essential twin, Reala - were unquestionably loyal to Wizeman, NiGHTS decided s/he didn't like him, and often freely helped oppose Wizeman's plans. As a result of this (and Reala's doing), NiGHTS was often punished for this, eventually coming to be imprisoned for her/his insolence.

As s/he was waiting in her/his latest cage, NiGHTS saw a young boy who seemed to have been called by Wizeman's appearance in Nightopia wandering aimlessly through the latest landscape to appear in Nightopia and called out immediately, grinning. "Hey, you! Get me out of here!" The boy, Elliot, complied, and NiGHTS immediately took his hand, drawing Elliot into the skies with her/his. The boy was surprised and remarked on Wizeman being easy to defeat if they could fly together, causing NiGHTS to laugh and remark on a girl, named Claris, who said mostly the same thing the night before; however, Elliot didn't appear to hear him/her. NiGHTS shrugged this off and helped the children gather their Ideya, or dream energy. However, when the time for Elliot and Claris' battle against Wizeman came, NiGHTS was nowhere to be seen.

Wizeman was defeated, but not destroyed, and NiGHTS finally broke away from his control, separating her/himself from the rest of the Nightmaren and living in Nightopia. S/he continued to defy Wizeman, as s/he disliked him immensely, and ignored demands to return to Nightmare. Eventually, this got NiGHTS into trouble when s/he was getting acquainted with a dreaming visitor named Helen. NiGHTS was captured and imprisoned by Reala, as s/he had been over ten years ago, and the cycle seemed to begin anew, with NiGHTS guiding Helen (along with another dreamer named Will) through Nightopia in search of Ideya. At last, Wizeman himself took NiGHTS away, as the so-called “god of Nightmare” had finally decided to take away NiGHTS’ free will in order to create an obedient maren servant. Will and Helen dove after NiGHTS and chased after Wizeman, finding NiGHTS imprisoned at the top of a tall tower, Persona mask in place. Upon being freed, NiGHTS found Will and Helen being threatened by Reala and decided to take him on again. “You and me, one on one.” NiGHTS defeated Reala, watching her/his false-twin fall from the skies, and merged with Will and Helen to fight Wizeman. Wizeman pointed out that his destruction would mean the death of NiGHTS, to which the maren replied that s/he had known all along. NiGHTS comforted Will and Helen, telling them their dreams needed to be protected, and fought her/his creator, defeating him.

NiGHTS then took one final bow to Will and Helen, and disappeared in a glow of light, expecting to die.

Instead, NiGHTS found him/herself in Paixao.
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Disclaimer: I do not own NiGHTS or the NiGHTS series, nor do I own the images belonging to said series. Those belong to Sega. I'm making no money off of this; this journal is for entertainment purposes only.
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