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Things have been pretty boring around here lately. I'm thinking of going to Halloween Town, but I'm not sure just yet if that place interests me or not. Well, maybe later. I might just have a look around the city again; a lot of weird stuff seems to have been happening. And everyone's least favorite villains seem to have gone quiet, for the most part. That can't be good.

So, everyone, have I missed anything interesting?
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Maleficent's the one who's caused this, everyone. I don't know how to get rid it, but really, who's afraid of the dark? It's not like I can't see in it anyway. But she's also blocked off the city gates. This could end up being troublesome.

Hm~ this might make things more interesting. I wonder just what that woman is up to...
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I'm going out to look for a girl named Yuna. According to Belle, she's gone missing. Does anyone know anything about her disappearance? I don't think she just got lost; something must have happened. And if anyone wants to look as well, go ahead. I'll be searching the sky - well, sort of. The city doesn't really have a sky, does it?
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Reala's gone. Was he just an illusion, then, like Wizeman? And was Jackle just one of those things as well? That would explain the disappearance...

Anyway, Sora, I can meet with you now, if you'd like. Elliot, I'll come and find you too, all right?
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[the sounds of struggling abound, and a sleek and satisfied male voice speaks in sardonic reprove]

Now, now--you've had your fun. Don't you know there are more important things to be done?

[a different voice sounds off in response, this one somewhat feminine. Usually in a lilting tone, it sounds strained and exhausted - hurt, even. More than that, though, the voice sounds angry]

Reala! That was meant to be a fair fight! Let me go!

[ooc: That's right, NiGHTS has been kidnapped. There's a big surprise. :P This post is set directly after this thread.]
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Oh, did I miss the fight with Sin? Sorry, everyone; something really unexpected came up. But it looked like everyone made it out all right, so I guess I wasn't really needed! ♥

Jackle seems to have disappeared. Knowing him, he's probably lurking around somewhere. And Reala's acting weird...

As for these new arrivals who are saying they've taken over the city, I don't like them. I'll have to see what they're after, I guess. I don't like being ruled.
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Wizeman?! He's here?

... No.

[ooc: Strikes illegible. :3]
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I've found Alexander, and we're looking around for Nina right now. He seems to be onto a scent; I'm going to follow him and see where it leads.

EDIT (voice post update): We're at the Actua Are in the F3 section. If anyone wants to come and find us, let me know.


Aug. 24th, 2008 11:24 am
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It's raining! Whee~! ♥

I'm going outside!


Jul. 12th, 2008 05:06 pm
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My wound's healed! ♥ Well, it healed ages ago, but I didn't really feel like mentioning it until now. On the other hand, I feel like doing something. It's boring just staying in here all the time and it's starting to feel like an Ideya palace.

[OOC: Strikes illegible.]
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Is Vyers pretty or handsome? He does seem to use a lot of sparkles, and while I've never met him, I've heard of people confusing him for a girl.

I'm just curious~
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Well, that was productive. Ow.

Anyone else having any luck with those monsters? I may be injured, but I can still do something.
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Well, this is interesting.

I wonder how I got here. And what this thing is.
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